saturday swine.




saturday swine.

saturday_swinepigs in a blanket.

saturday swine.

Our little saturday swine is of a pig species known as lux bulbus porcus or, more commonly, lightbulb pig.

saturday_swineIt’s rather easy to see where this name was derived. Notice, if you rotate the swine counterclockwise, his resemblance to the ordinary household lightbulb.

saturday_swine_lightbulb_cartoonyou learn something new everyday.

DIY magnets.

Magnets are important. They’re fun. They hold things. Best of all, they’re easy to make.

You will need several things before you can begin:

  • paper
  • drawing instruments
  • clear marbles, with flat backs (any size)
  • magnets (base the size of your magnet on the size of your marbles)
  • glue – one that dries clear.
  • and scissors.

I got all of the above supplies from Michaels, minus the drawing instruments (a gift) and the paper (taken from Dani’s sketchbook).

The saturday swine was not about to be left out of such a fun project, and so he convinced me to use him for a ‘demonstration’ magnet.

DIY_magnet DIY_magnet DIY_magnet DIY_magnet DIY_magnet DIY_magnetA quick and easy project – kids would probably enjoy it, too. Of course, you’d have to keep them from eating the glue …

saturday swine.

the saturday swine decided, as his first act of 2013, to make himself more famous.

he marched himself downstairs to the row of mailboxes just inside the front door, and there posted the first (of many, i’m sure) photos of himself.


watch out, baltimore, the swine is a’comin – and no place is sacred. his little hooves will trot all over the city, and you’ll see his snout in the most surprising places.

saturday swine.

welcome to the last saturday of 2012. it’s strange, isn’t it, when you think that the entire year of 2012 will be behind us at midnight on monday? the saturday swine is not troubled. he knows that the year 2013 will be marvelous.

the swine IS troubled about something, though, and the trouble has a name:

marzipan_pigpurchased for good luck at ma petite shoe, the marzipan pig and the swine were introduced just last week. since then, they have been circling one another warily. the marzipan pig poses a threat the saturday swine is unprepared to handle: two pigs in one apartment.

although the swine is suspicious, we hope he will find it in his heart to welcome the marzipan pig into our home. perhaps in time, he and the marzipan pig will be firm friends, sharing cocktails and trading horror stories about bacon back and forth.

will eight hooves prove to be better than four? only time will tell.

enjoy this last saturday, dear readers, and join the swine next week – in the year 2013!

saturday swine.

can you find the swine?

saturday_swine_christmasit’s the last saturday before christmas! the swine wishes you a wonderful, warm, and festive holiday : )

saturday swine.

We (and the saturday swine) are helping Matt move to his sister’s house today. The swine is currently galavanting about Matt’s apartment and making a general nuisance of himself. He escaped from the apartment earlier and was running up and down the hallway, squealing at full volume; we tried to catch him, but he was incredibly slippery, due to the fact he’d knocked over a container of vegetable oil and had rolled in it. He was so loud and ridiculous one of the tenants threatened to turn him into bacon, and even went so far as to chase him to the elevators brandishing a pair of kitchen shears. We finally caught the swine and hauled him back into the apartment, where he is now tap dancing on boxes and trying to locate where we packed the food.

We have no idea where he found the tap shoes.


saturday swine.

I noticed the saturday swine was missing this morning when I woke up (extra early on a saturday – what’s wrong with me?). Usually, he sleeps in till about noon, so I set out looking for him.

I found him halfway to Penn station, tiny bag in one hand, and a margarita in the other. Upon questioning, it seems he thought he would fly to Zimbabwe, find Dani, and they’d have a celebratory reunion cocktail. She’s been gone over a month, and he misses her.

To cheer him up, after explaining I wasn’t quite sure where Dani was, I suggested he sit next to a photo of her and drink the margarita himself. I promised we’d skype with Dani soon and he could talk to her in person (whilst holding another cocktail, I’m sure. The swine loves his cocktails). Until then, however, he will continue holding his pretend conversation with the photo of Dani he keeps in his room, margarita in hand.

saturday_swine_dani_bradfordHappy saturday! I hope you’re enjoying it with a nice cold margarita.