goblins, quests, and my gentleman.

You may have seen his photo on here before.


html_codingHe also founded/contributes to/works on this:

rotary house experimental – it’s his awesomely creative publishing house.

you should investigate.

This clever & handsome gentleman and I officially met at work, but it wasn’t until a work happy hour that we actually spoke to one another. We didn’t start speaking regularly until one day soon after, a group of us were walking to lunch and Matt noticed I was purposely avoiding walking on the storm drains.

cartoon_storm draincartoon_storm draincartoon_storm draincartoon_storm draincartoon_storm draincartoon_storm draincartoon_storm drain

{Matt didn’t yet realize it, but it was only a matter of time until he succumbed to my charm. and overactive imagination}

Several weeks later, Matt had lunch with a friendly squirrel named Jerry. Jerry is oh-so-much more than just a squirrel – he is in charge of protecting the portal which leads from our world into the squirrel kingdom.

black_squirrel{look at his golden tail – serious business}

Obviously, Jerry guards the portal for a reason – and over the next couple months, the truth came out. Our worlds are on the brink of an enormous goblin/squirrel war, and Matt and I had been recruited to help.

First, however, in order to make sure we were worthy of entering the portal and joining the squirrels in their fight, we had to complete quests of Jerry’s choosing. Jerry would meet with Matt, and pass along important quest details: maps, locations, objects to find. The two of us would then traipse off, clutching our maps and lists, off to find and defeat goblins.

Once, as we were trying to collect goblin currency, we were attacked: Matt brained a goblin* with a rock and I stabbed it with a tree branch.

{*Matt would visit the pre-determined location beforehand and plant paper goblins in bushes or trees, then be ‘surprised’ when we discovered them hours later. He’ll never admit to it, though : ) }

goblin_drawingOur outings were serious adventures.

On our first actual date, we drove around for hours on a warm summer night. Matt’s plan was to get lost, and get lost we did. We had a lovely time – peering out the car windows into creeks we drove past, looking for frogs with a flashlight; stopping at an old horse farm to investigate their hollow pillars and horse statue; finding old dirt roads to drive on under the moon. It was fun and silly and romantic.

I started writing this post about a month ago, and the original ending was this:

The rest Рwell, the rest leads us to today, several days past our seven month anniversary, and we are completely, enormously, head-over-heels happy.

that’s not the end of the story.

on the very day I started writing this post, January 21st, Matt and I had a date night.

A very special date night.












rock, scissor, panty

originally posted on ‘katie vs chris’

i was up in pennsylvania for the weekend, visiting my college boyfriend. we’d recently gotten back together for the second – or possibly third – time. we had an ‚Ķ interesting relationship. this is the guy who once called me while my roommate and i were watching tv, heard the male character voices in the background, and accused me of cheating on him with multiple men. it would have been kinda funny, had that sort of thing not happened fairly regularly.

anyway, i digress. there i am in pennsylvania, having driven six hours from my school on the east coast (of maryland), and there are a pair of girl’s panties hanging from my boyfriend’s ceiling.

i was furious. when i asked him to take them down, he refused. he said they were some sort of joke, and he and his roommate liked having them there. i asked him again to please take them down, and he laughed. so i ripped them off the ceiling and cut them into tiny pieces with a pair of kitchen shears.

he was horrified. i was, too, but for a different reason – i’d accidentally cut the top of my thumb off in a blind scissor rage, and i was bleeding all over the carpet. he fled the room, undoubtedly to tell his cronies what a psycho his girlfriend was, and i sat on his bunk, feeling rather pleased and rebellious, once i staunched the bleeding.

he eventually wandered back to inform me that particular pair of underwear was the random girls favorite, and she wanted them back. i suggested a girl who makes a habit of “lending” her favorite panties to random guys deserves what she gets.

to this day, i’m still pleased with myself.