a squirrely greeting card.

I like making my own greeting/thank you/wedding/happy baby cards, but sometimes you find one in a store that you can’t possibly bear to leave behind.

This is quite old news now, but I found this card just before Dani left for Senegal, and it was so wonderfully appropriate I couldn’t resist. Behold, and bask in its squirrel-y glory:


Immediately, I realized all the possibilities for my own handmade cards. An illustration of a squirrel won’t suffice now, no, not that I could have it dangling from a STRING with a life-size 3D acorn. Oh, the amazing world of squirrel art … friends, expect good things from your birthday cards from now on. HINT: they may or may not have tails.


carrot greeting cards.

Perfect for friends, significant others, and rabbits. Or those who fancy themselves rabbits.

1. buy the biggest carrot you can find.

2. make a tag.

3. write your message.

4. attach. i used a handle from a paper bag, wrapped around and knotted in the back.

5. give this silly greeting card to someone special, and make their day a little brighter (literally – a carrot this enormous is bound to improve their eyesight at least somewhat).