Flesh-Eating Fish

Every one has heard about the famous fish used in pedicures that eat the dead skin off feet as an exfoliant (lovely, yes?). I have always been curious about these fish, and slightly horrified. As I entered WOW organic salon in Cape Town, imagine my excitement when the entry way revealed two large plush chairs will square aquariums at their bases, with FISH inside! I knew at once these must be the famous fish, so I opted to spend time submerging my feet and experimenting with the treatment.


At first, the fish tickled around my feet, and anticipated being bitten. But since the fish have no teeth, this never occured. I spent a pleasant 15 minutes or so, feet submerged, while the fish swam around my feet as I read my book.

flesh_eating_fishI’m not sure how much more effective a treatment the fish are than a normal pedicure, but it was fun, recommended by the salon, and my pedicure was awesome. The excitement of the fish (my excitement not the fish’s), combined with the spacious light filled rooms, the friendly staff, make WOW an awesome sanctuary. Wildlife Sanctuary if you count the fish.



Veg Veggie Burger

There’s nothing better than a quiet afternoon after the hustle and bustle of an afternoon at the hostel. I grabbed my book, sunnies (as they call them here in South Africa), and spent a quiet afternoon at Rick’s Cafe, sipping wine and eating my delicious veggie burger. Life is good. *sigh.

Happy Vegetarian Monday!


Falooda so gooda!

Falooda is nectar served in a glass made by gods. Its creamy ice cream scoop surrounded by multi-colored rosewater goodness was made for sipping on a hot day— and any day for that matter. I had the great fortune to try it at a Cape Malay restaurant in Bo-Kapp, Cape Town this week.

Bo-Kapp is an awesome little district in Cape Town, where all the buildings are painting bright colors. It’s a Muslim district, and one of my friends who was walking around the district alone had the unfortunate experience of wandering into a restaurant where the owner promptly asked her where her man was. Fortunately as a group (with two men) we were able to forgo that experience.


Falooda is typically a South Asian drink with Persian roots. It’s made with rose syrup, milk, tapioca pearls and ice cream. If you’d like to try your hand at it, here’s a recipe!



falooda_cape_malay-4Thanks to Kevin for the photos!