Falooda so gooda!

Falooda is nectar served in a glass made by gods. Its creamy ice cream scoop surrounded by multi-colored rosewater goodness was made for sipping on a hot day— and any day for that matter. I had the great fortune to try it at a Cape Malay restaurant in Bo-Kapp, Cape Town this week.

Bo-Kapp is an awesome little district in Cape Town, where all the buildings are painting bright colors. It’s a Muslim district, and one of my friends who was walking around the district alone had the unfortunate experience of wandering into a restaurant where the owner promptly asked her where her man was. Fortunately as a group (with two men) we were able to forgo that experience.


Falooda is typically a South Asian drink with Persian roots. It’s made with rose syrup, milk, tapioca pearls and ice cream. If you’d like to try your hand at it, here’s a recipe!



falooda_cape_malay-4Thanks to Kevin for the photos!