a festive housewarming & goodbye celebration.

This is very slightly overdue. Last summer, Dani sold the house she’d been renovating for three years, which we’d been living in together for the past year. To celebrate, she decided to throw a housewarming/goodbye celebration, and enlisted my help.

It was a really beautiful summer evening. The house was sparkling, full of candles, people, laughter, and – most delicious of all – heaps of glorious food.


our homemade sangria

baguettes with sundried tomato pesto, prosciutto, fresh basil, and mozzarella

baguettes with sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, fresh basil, and mozzarella


homemade tabbouleh


sundried tomato pesto, crunchy french bread, olive oil & spices for dipping

fresh veggies and fruitscandleand a close-up, because they were so pretty:housewarming_2What a spectacular combination: delicious food, scrumptious drinks, and great company on a really lovely evening – and the perfect send-off for such a beautiful little house.


8 thoughts on “a festive housewarming & goodbye celebration.

    • thanks! dani did a great job renovating the house – it was such a beautiful place. and yes! cupcake wine is really delicious – and it’s inexpensive! i think the first time we bought it, it was on sale for $7 a bottle.

      • $7! thats insane. I am in Canada so its a $15/bottle here. Well, $14.70 if you want to get precise. The Red Velvet one is my favourite, but the plain ol’ cupcake is just as excellent. My local liquor stores cannot keep them on the shelf

      • ahhh! regularly it’s $11 something here. that’s a shame it’s more expensive in canada! i love red velvet – in fact, i think that’s the kind i have open at home right now : ) they do sell out quickly! i’m going to start buying them in bulk when i see them on the shelf! i heard they were running a contest to ‘name the next cupcake wine’ – i wonder if it’s still running!

      • haha you’re right : ) i think what they’re doing is picking new sub-names, like the red velvet or the … umm … i can’t think of any of their others. and now, trying to think of a cupcake that would make a good name, i’m going completely blank. black bottom? strawberry?

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