goodbye, 2012!

It’s been a great year for us senoritas, full of pretty awesome things.

1. Our trip to Mexico ….


… where I accidentally mixed up the words for ‘shark’ and ‘shit’ in Spanish, and Dani amazed us both with her motorbike skills as she zoomed us around Isla Mujeres.

2. My new job (a technical writer/editor under contract with the FAA) …


… where I’ve learned more about acronyms than I ever imagined possible.

3. Several months of us commuting together to DC, in which we learned the metro is run by shrieking eels, the MARC train breaks down frequently, and there are always people who get caught in the metro doors and frantically shriek for help (once, I was one of them. Luckily, Dani was there to both help and laugh at me).

4. Dani quitting her job to travel as a freelance photographer/videographer. That’s pretty dang cool.


5. Discovering the best way to mow the lawn is to attach a fisher price wagon to the back of the lawnmower.


6. Roaches. In my new apartment. Dani found one in her wine glass.

cartoon_cockroach(okay, not awesome. but pretty memorable)

7. Dani’s death-defying hang over Victoria Falls in Zambia – seriously. She was at the edge of a freaking gi-normous waterfall, grinning like a loon. How’s that for crazy?


8. My relationship with the most amazing guy on earth. And probably in the entire galaxy.

the boyfriend

9. Dani’s really awesome experience swimming and riding quads at Lac Rose, the pink lake, outside of Dakar in Senegal. Read about it here, on her site.


10. Scrumptious (adult) beverages, like our watermelon jalopeno margaritas, super sangria, and Dani’s famous pirate juice. We drink a lot of wine, too. We recommend Cupcake wine because it’s inexpensive and delicious.

11. Some hectic animals – I got to hold a chicken, and a goat tried to eat my scarf.

goat_eating_scarf11. Dani moved to North Carolina to live at the beach for a couple months.

outer_banks_north_carolina11. And of course, lots of beaver, who gets a little bit grouchier everyday.

beaver_chronicles_cartoonOther noteworthy items: Dani sold her house. She also ate caterpillars. I went to Vermont (twice) and to the zoo. We went apple-picking and to the renaissance festival, to our grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary party, and out to eat (a lot). We had a photo shoot. We stayed at haunted inns in Annapolis and went on ghost tours. We frequented the farmer’s market. We smoked cigars by the ocean and sat on the beach at midnight.

midnight_beach_photographyIt’s been a year of good friends, food, fun, and adventures (sorry to break the alliteration). We’re eagerly looking forward to 2013, and we hope you are, too. Happy New Year’s Eve!


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