saturday swine.

welcome to the last saturday of 2012. it’s strange, isn’t it, when you think that the entire year of 2012 will be behind us at midnight on monday? the saturday swine is not troubled. he knows that the year 2013 will be marvelous.

the swine IS troubled about something, though, and the trouble has a name:

marzipan_pigpurchased for good luck at ma petite shoe, the marzipan pig and the swine were introduced just last week. since then, they have been circling one another warily. the marzipan pig poses a threat the saturday swine is unprepared to handle: two pigs in one apartment.

although the swine is suspicious, we hope he will find it in his heart to welcome the marzipan pig into our home. perhaps in time, he and the marzipan pig will be firm friends, sharing cocktails and trading horror stories about bacon back and forth.

will eight hooves prove to be better than four? only time will tell.

enjoy this last saturday, dear readers, and join the swine next week – in the year 2013!


what do you think?

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