dani the christmas weasel


One night, years ago, the apartment was still,
Dani was quiet, I assumed sleeping, till.
In the glow of the moonlight, I noticed her bed,
In place of Dani, there was a weasel instead!

I was all nestled, snug in my bed,
When the weasel leaped out, and bounded ahead.
I peered in the darkness, to see what I’d see,
Two eyes glowing, at the foot of our tree.

And all of a sudden, there arose such a clatter,
The weasel had conjured a wide silver platter.
It was full to the brim of the most glorious eggs,
All colored and glowing, that the weasel had made.

The moon through the window reflected their glow,
Gave the luster of moonshine to the presents below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should I see,
The weasel was placing the eggs before me.

The weasel had left me a present of eggs!
And then it came ’round to perch on my leg.
“You know me as Dani, so don’t make a fuss,
I’m also the Christmas Weasel, an Animagus.”

“Every Christmas Eve I turn, to hand out the eggs,
They’re from magic chickens, I help to raise.
In the spirit of Christmas, I give them away,
You’ve never known, not til today.”

“These eggs are special, they make wishes come true,
In the spirit of Christmas, an egg goes to you.
The wishes are granted to those selfless and kind,
Who make Christmas for others, all of the time.”

And with that the weasel sprung down the stair,
Soft as a cat, and lighter than air.
I heard the weasel exclaim, as she ran out of sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

I never have mentioned, I’ll take to my grave,
The secret of eggs that the Weasel has made.
But if you receive them, you should guard them well,
For you have been visited by the Christmas Weasel.


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