a glass jellyfish.

Ages ago, I soldered together bits of colored glass to make a jellyfish. I named him Herman P. Jelly, and he hung from my rearview for several years until finally, the solder fell apart, his legs fell off, and all that was left was his body, dangling from a string.

I needed a new jelly.

Here’s how I made my new one:

1. the workshop. it’s located in our parent’s garage, and stocked with everything you need to make things with glass. cutters, grinders, solder, soldering guns, rulers, wire, glue, beads, marbles, a kiln.



glass cutter

2. after choosing your glass (and deciding what to make), cut!

cutting glass3. the glass had sharp edges, so i moseyed to the grinder, and ground down the edges on all my pieces.


glass pieces

4. now you have your glass pieces. they’re round, but dirty, so they need to be wiped clean. i used windex.


5. into the kiln! warning: if you’re using a kiln, make sure the glass you’re using is fusable.


6. fast forward to 4 1/2 to 5 hours later, and … JELLYFISH!


7. last step – drill a hole in the top. you can use it for an ornament or hang it from somewhere. this little guy will be taking Herman P. Jelly’s spot of honor dangling from my rearview mirror.

the casualties:

1. slipping while trying to break glass along the score line. i added a heart to my band-aid to make it more festive.


2. spilled glass rods. they look like really pretty pick-up sticks, but are much trickier to pick up since they’re so delicate.


if you don’t have a kiln, call some make-your-own pottery places. they might have a dual glass/pottery kiln like the one i used, and will let you fire your own pieces for a fee.



what do you think?

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