red lipstick.

I’ve never been a fan of lipstick. I adore chapstick, and I can’t fall asleep at night without applying it, but I’ve never liked having color on my lips. Even colored lip gloss, which I would apply on special occasions, I felt looked garish and silly.

However, on a recent lunch break, my friend Colleen and I were perusing the lipsticks at a local drug store, and I felt a sudden, uncontrollable urge to own one. We chose a coral-y pink (L’Oreal #176, Angora, for those of you looking for a light summery color), and I applied it the moment we got back into the office. I liked it.

This spontaneous purchase led me to another, more dramatic one a week later – the purchase of a red lipstick. RED. The color capable of turning any woman into a siren. I chose a lovely shade from Victoria’s Secret. I couldn’t just put this on at the office, though, oh no, not like the coral one. It’s RED lipstick! It’s classy! It’s romantic! For going out! At night! For dates (hi, Matthew!) and parties and weddings and concerts and EVENTS. It’s intimidating stuff!

I decided to watch a youtube video on how to perfectly apply red lipstick. Silly? Yes. What’s more silly is that the video I watched featured a 16 year old girl who knew more about applying lipstick than I did. I followed her instructions and BAM. Instant movie star.

Bolstered by the success of my youtube lipstick application, I’ve decided to make my own step-by-step instruction manual. Please offer your own suggestions!



step 1: exfoliate your lips with the (dry) toothbrush. no fancy lip exfoliate needed – just your regular old toothbrush. AMAZING. i felt like i’d discovered a new planet when i learned this trick.

step 2: line your lips with the lip liner. stay as close to your natural lip line as you can.

red_lipstick_tutorialstep 3: fill in your lips with color. i opt to use the liner to do everything because i like to deal with just one product, however, you can use a lipstick to fill in color if you choose.

red_lipstick_tutorialstep 4: carefully, with a tissue, blot your lips.

step 5: lightly, with your fingers, apply a thin coat of gloss (clear is best) over the lipstick.

step 6: wear your new lipstick with PRIDE, you femme fatale you!

(happy 12-12-12!)


what do you think?

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