saturday swine.

I noticed the saturday swine was missing this morning when I woke up (extra early on a saturday – what’s wrong with me?). Usually, he sleeps in till about noon, so I set out looking for him.

I found him halfway to Penn station, tiny bag in one hand, and a margarita in the other. Upon questioning, it seems he thought he would fly to Zimbabwe, find Dani, and they’d have a celebratory reunion cocktail. She’s been gone over a month, and he misses her.

To cheer him up, after explaining I wasn’t quite sure where Dani was, I suggested he sit next to a photo of her and drink the margarita himself. I promised we’d skype with Dani soon and he could talk to her in person (whilst holding another cocktail, I’m sure. The swine loves his cocktails). Until then, however, he will continue holding his pretend conversation with the photo of Dani he keeps in his room, margarita in hand.

saturday_swine_dani_bradfordHappy saturday! I hope you’re enjoying it with a nice cold margarita.


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