DIY stuffed whale.

Dani and I used to make our own barbie clothes. They ranged from simple frocks to more elaborate, southern belle style dresses with bits of lace. Our mom made us gorgeous Halloween costumes when we were younger, and we learned to enjoy sewing from her. I love creating things – and I especially love working with fabric, thread, and above all, buttons.

For Matt’s birthday, I decided to make him a stuffed whale. Previously he’d requested, if ever I were to make him a stuffed creature, a blue whale, so I thought it would be a fun birthday present.

I bought an adorable whale pattern on Etsy here.

Unfortunately, it’s not a blue whale. Well, I guess technically it’s a blue whale, but it’s not a blue whale. So … I altered the pattern. Hooray!

important note: altering patterns is a tricky business.

and finally – sew his eyes on, sew the last bit together, and …

you have one grumpy little whale.


note: despite my best efforts, he still didn’t look like a blue whale. matt loves him anyway.


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