hurricane hunger.

… an exaggerated hurricane dance. real dances are best performed indoors.

After a day off work due to the hurricane, Matt and I holed up inside for a lovely, cozy evening. We had cookies, milk duds, angry bird gummies, and a pizza ready to pop in the oven, when – BAM. Sandy knocked out the power.

We sat there. We had two candles, three flashlights, and enormous hunger. We played several games of mancala by candelight, and I ate three (seven) peanut butter chocolate chip cookies before we decided to brave the storm to find sustenance. Bundled up, we ventured into the dark hallway and, avoiding the elevator, plunged into the pitch black, cold stairwell:

the actual photo i took in the stairwell – and this was with a flashlight on. you can imagine our terror.

Being fearful of the dark and empty stairwells in general, I was already on edge when a man appeared behind us out of nowhere as we descended. He didn’t speak a word, but his large dog breathed heavily on the back of our necks … pant … pant … pant …

It was a hellhound.

We raced down the stairs and out into the storm.

We drove past Five Guys (closed) and Chilis (closed). We passed Applebees and Ruby Tuesdays and Famous Daves and Panera (closed closed closed closed). We finally ended up at Denny’s – beggars can’t be choosers, and it was dry and warm. And open. We nestled in with hot tea, water, and were readying ourselves for something tasty (well, tasty for a desperate, hurricane-struck couple) when – BAM. Sandy knocked the lights out. After sitting dejectedly for an extra 20 minutes, in hopes the power would come back on (and in which our amazing server, Eddy, gave us free chicken noodle soup), we left. We tried McDonalds. Closed. Moes. Closed. Taco Bell. Closed (thankfully). Finally …

In lieu of anything substantial, we found ourselves sitting in an intensely bright krispy kreme, sharing space with a scary bearded man who drank cup after cup of coffee. We bought a dozen donuts because, well, why not? Bonus: if you bought a dozen donuts, you received a cup of donut holes for 99 cents.


ps. we were extremely lucky to escape with just a power outage. our thoughts are with everyone affected by the hurricane.

pps. happy halloween!


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