The Tofu World Record

While dining at Kobe one evening with friends, I asked a simple question. Instead of the chicken, steak, shrimp, shrimp and steak, or chicken and shrimp, would it be possible to get just tofu? There was only one vegetarian option on the menu: tofu with assorted vegetables. Since the entree already came with a side of vegetables, rice, noodles, soup, and salad, I didn’t want too much food. Just tofu would be fine.

It was apparently a tricky question. It created a stir among the staff, having to check in with the kitchen to see if this was possible. When our chef came out, he dumped an enormous pile of what looked like portobello mushrooms on the grill. It wasn’t. It was my tofu.

Please not how the heads of the two diners in the back are equally proportionate to the amount of tofu. The tofu would have fed at least 8 people comfortably. Easy. And to add crazy upon crazy, the chef didn’t seem to get the joke. He kept repeating, “But you wanted just tofu, right?” It was so comical, everyone at our table was laughing and making jokes about it.

Keep in mind, this is not a regular dinner plate. It’s about twice the size of a normal one. It was an enormous pile of tofu that everyone at our table could not have finished. But there was more.

Unceremoniously, because there was no extra room on the plate because of the tofu, the chef then dropped an enormous pile of noodles on top of the tofu. So my plate became a watering hole of Japanese Steakhouse cuisine. A mixed salad of noodles, fried rice, and tofu. A trough for my dining pleasure.

I had 2 take home containers, completely stuffed, from this dining experience— which was nice for leftovers. But seriously, who could possibly eat that much food?


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