bon voyage, dani!

Dani leaves for Senegal tomorrow, her first stop on a solo six month backpacking trip around Africa. She’ll be taking photographs, making mini documentaries, and blogging about her adventures on her awesome website, It’s going to be an amazing trip for an amazing, adventurous person.

But it’s sad.

We’ve been living together for the last year and a half and have become really close, sharing food, stories, and clothes. We go out to dinner together, for drinks, to the movies and the farmer’s market, to Whole Foods and pumpkin picking. We make dinners together, obsess over Merlin together, write blogs together, and discuss topics late into the night. We also care for beaver together, who is clamoring to go with Dani on her trip, and threatening to chew through her rucksack should she try and leave him behind.

Tomorrow, I’ll be saying goodbye to my best friend. It’s going to be lonely without her, but what makes it easier is knowing she’s heading off for such a spectacular adventure.

Join me in wishing her a safe, happy, fun, and memorable trip!



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