give books.

My boyfriend’s name is Matt, and he is lovely. He has not yet been properly introduced here, but he will be soon. Here is a picture of him:

Last week, I’d forgotten my book at home when rushing out the door for work. My book is the only thing between me and hundreds of dead-eyed commuter drones riding the MARC train between Baltimore and DC. Every. Single. Day. And riding the train without it is the cruelest form of torture.

Matt leaves work at 4:30, and I leave at 5. On this particular day, he told me he was leaving a bit early, and we said goodbye. A few minutes before I was packing up to leave the office, I got a mysterious text message:

Excitedly, I rushed to the train station. There, waiting on the platform, was Matt. Smiling, he drew me to the side, reached into his bag, and pulled out a book. Not just any book, but a book by RA Salvatore. He had rushed from work to his favorite secondhand bookstore in Dupont Circle and raced back to meet me before I left to catch my train, choosing a book he knew I would love, by an author I’m currently devouring. Most amazing boyfriend in the world universe.


* which book, you ask? why, the thousand orcs, my friends! feast your eyes and PREPARE FOR AN ORC INVASION!

these orcs means serious business.


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