Mochi Magic

For those of you trying to eat healthier, there’s an amazing substance I just discovered called Mochi (pronounced mow-chee). Made out of brown rice and water, it’s an great alternative to nutrition-less, processed white flour. Instead of making waffles out of a bunch of ingredients, including sugar and oil, try Mochi and experience its magic and whole grain serving. So far, I’ve only experimented using it for waffles, but apparently there are many other possibilities. Observe its power:

1. Place strips of Mochi (sliced lengthwise and vertically) into the waffle maker.

2. Come back- and it’s a waffle!

3. Put some vegan butter and maple syrup (or berries) on that bad boy and you’ve got an awesome breakfast!

Photos by Matthew Bokan, who was rewarded with a Mochi waffle for his time.


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