elevator faux pas.

My boyfriend and I were leaving his apartment complex one morning. We were already late for work, and the elevator takes forever to get to the 11th floor sometimes.

The elevator finally arrived, and I stepped in first only to find:

A great big pile of (human?!*) urine on the floor.

My boyfriend peered in and backed away. Being a normal human being, he didn’t have any desire to ride a pee-filled elevator down 11 floors. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t want to wait for another elevator and convinced him we should take it.

We spent the whole ride down staring angrily at the urine puddle. It was a ride fraught with danger – at any given moment, the elevator could jerk and the puddle abruptly slosh sideways, soaking our shoes.

It was not our best elevator ride.


* I assumed a person, desperate for the bathroom and burning with shame, had lost control and urinated on the floor, but my boyfriend was of the opinion it was a dog. In hindsight, he was probably right.


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