the encroaching roach.

I moved into a new apartment over the weekend. It’s a tiny studio with bay windows, hardwood floors, and old white interior shutters. It’s cozy, open, full of light, and infested with cockroaches.

I found the apartment listed on Craig’s List, and met with the previous tenant one evening after work. She is a friendly, enthusiastic yoga instructor, whom I liked immediately. I attributed the dirty apartment to the fact she was moving, and things were just a bit messy at the time. Tenants leaving the apartment building are only required to broom-clean, and I assumed she’d have things tidy by the time she moved out.

I suppose it’s all in how you like to live, but my idea of tidy does not include living with cockroaches. There are heaps of them, lurking, wiggling their feelers and scurrying, fast as lightning, under cabinets and inside my kitchen drawers. Roach spray has become my best friend. Tomorrow, a fog of RAID death will descend upon my apartment, and I expect I’ll come home to tiny corpses littering my counter tops.

I feel slightly guilty about the war I’m waging on these creatures, for they are only looking for food and shelter, but I cannot, and will not, share my apartment with them. I am hoping the previous tenant’s yoga karma is still inhabiting the apartment, and will wrap the cockroaches in its arms and usher them into a cockroach paradise, full of glorious piles of garbage, half-eaten food, and complete freedom from poison.



2 thoughts on “the encroaching roach.

  1. man, Katie. I can relate to this so well. so so well. it’s awful 😛 my whole apartment complex, not just my apartment, is infested with roaches as well. I even know what species they are…. Roach spray WAS my friend until I became worried about the chemicals. Now, as awful as this sounds, I just spray Bleach or any other household cleaner (like Windex) onto any roach I see brave enough to scurry around-usually does the job just as well as roach spray. My roommate and I put out tons of traps too. Also, try Boric Acid, especially if you don’t have a pet. you should be able to get it at any drugstore like Walgreens, it’s like a powder so read the warning labels first because it can be a little toxic if ingested but afterwards just dust some on the cracks in your walls and in corners where roaches can get. the acid messes up the roaches in some way and then they carry it on their bodies and bring it back to the nest and that supposedly hurts and kills the others too. Also look up what roach egg sacs look like and if you see one you MUST STEP ON IT, or crush it some other way and dispose of it. Also, just know that roaches are pests and can carry allllll sorts of nasty diseases and awful things and you shouldn’t feel bad about killing them.
    Sorry for the long comment but I hope all goes well in your apartment-roach war! D:

    • ugh! thanks for the suggestions, ling! i’ll be trying everything possible to get rid of them. bombing, boric acid, caulk, spray foam, roach spray … i’m sorry you’ve been under attack! how awful! i’ve been having nightmares about cockroaches crawling on my face. disgusting.

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