Moosewood: Vegetarian Vernacular

Happy Labor Day! Katie is in Vermont, and I spent the weekend in the lovely town of Ithaca, surrounded by waterfalls, hippies, and vegetarian cooking. More specifically, Moosewood, a world famous vegetarian restaurant.

Moosewood came to be in 1973, and was one of the first restaurants of its kind, focusing on nutritious, natural, vegetarian food. It was named one of the “thirteen most influential restaurants of the 20th century” by Bon Appetit magazine, and has written 12 internationally acclaimed cookbooks. The restaurant is run by Moosewood Collective, a group of 19 individuals who share responsibilities and tasks to run the company.








I was so engrossed in the food, I forgot to get photos of our entrees, and the best part of the whole meal: the vegan chocolate cake.

Not only were the cocktails excellent and food delicious, but our waiter (Todd) was very pleasing to the eye. *sigh. It’s a shame to leave Ithaca and the Moosewood behind.


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