Being Vindictive is Freeing

Years ago, I worked at a racecar fabrication shop. I would lie and say I did really awesome stuff, but mostly I was the shop bitch. I did attempt to learn TIG welding, but it takes a kind of patience that I was/am not graced with. Anyway, that lasted about a year during college, until it became a throw-down with one of the owners who would go upstairs and smoke pot and steal cash out of the drawer.

So the ingrate pot smoking owner was a real ass, and we bandied words, and I left. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember he was a jerk. Lucky for me, I had the password for the shop’s email account- including the address book for all of our vendors. This guy changed the door locks (because clearly he was crazy and paranoid), but didn’t bother with the email account. SO-

I composed an email to one of our vendors down the street, which referenced a job we were building for them at the time. It was a perfectly professional email, and I signed it from the jerk owner. I then added at the end, “I’ve attached a photo of the part we’re working on, let me know if it doesn’t go through because I was downloading a lot of stuff at the time“. I then attached a photo in this similar vein:



what do you think?

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