The Magnificent Malady of Directional Tourettes

Katie has no sense of direction. It is true. Maps do not work in her mind. Explaining how a beltway works is just plain sad. Just this past week we were headed to one of our favorite restaurants, and Katie had no idea where we were until we pulled up in front. But she is who she is and her talents lie elsewhere so it is fine. HOWEVER. Yesterday Katie had a moment of directional Tourettes.

Because of the big storm, the Whole Foods we normally go to was closed. Good fortune lay Uncle Wiggly in our path: an ice cream place next door now selling their soupy cream wares at discount prices. We got the last of it before they closed their doors.

Congratulating ourselves on our good fortune, we were dismayed when the exit ramp to get back home was closed, and we had to find an alternate route. Fortunately with my well honed directional skills, we took a side road. All of a sudden, Katie’s neck twisted and she bellowed out, “this is the road that takes us to Hampden!”. Horrified, the car swerving wildly from side to side, I cried, “you are right!”

It was here we decided Katie must have directional Tourettes.


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