how to properly mow a lawn.

We were at our parent’s house on Sunday, before they arrived home, and we decided to cut the grass. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon and we had time to spare. There is something really pleasing about the monotony of riding around in circles, listening to the hum of the mower, being outdoors in the sun while the scent of freshly cut grass fills your nostrils.

Unfortunately, only one person can cut the grass at a time, and we both enjoy doing so. We had a standoff (lasting approximately 1.2 seconds) until I suggested an alternative solution, one which would allow us both to win. The suggestion?

Is that …? Yes. We hooked our old Fisher Price wagon to the back of the riding lawnmower. Everyone can mow a lawn – but we do it in style.

For an hour, around and around the yard we zoomed, Dani clutching her hat and I waving my cocktail, yelling inspirational things at each other, like “tally-ho!” and “steady as she goes!”

It was a glorious afternoon.*

* The second our parents arrived back at their house, our dad took one look at the freshly mowed lawn (mower and wagon safely stowed back in the shed at this point), turned to our mom and said: “The girls cut the grass. They hooked a wagon to the lawnmower.” It’s nice to have people who know you so well.


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