for the love of books!

I love books. Real, solid, books, with dog-eared pages and frayed edges, books that smell like clean, fresh pages, or old, musty shelves, books containing amazing, fantastic adventures or the dry, stuffy biographies of forgotten rulers. I have a kindle and I do love it, but there is nothing more satisfying than the weight of a book in your lap, or the turn of the pages in your hand. Reading has been my favorite pastime as long as I can remember. Give me tea, sunshine, and a good book, and I will disappear for hours. I am also a book hoarder: I will recommend books, lend books, but will rarely give one away. I can only hope to be like our uncle David one day, living in a house so full of books he has miniscule hallways carved out to make his way from the front door to the far back wall, with book stacks haphazardly leaning, threatening to fall and bury you under their combined weight.

Because of this (near fanatical) love of books, I have spent much of my time in the past week loitering at the pop-up bookstore, Turning the Page, currently located on 17th and K Street NW in Washington D.C. It’s just a block from where I work, so nearly every day I’ve spent my lunch break perusing its shelves and gobbling up books. The books are all donated, so they’re inexpensive, and they have an impressive collection. But hurry! The bookstore’s last day is May 3rd, 2012. This week is supposed to be gorgeous, so step out, grab a coffee, and saunter down to Turning the Page to buy some glorious used books to round out your collection.

Can you find the Saturday swine (disguised as the elusive Sunday swine) in these books I’ve purchased? He loves books, too.


One thought on “for the love of books!

  1. Me too! I love being able to trace my fingers along each line, “feeling” the texture of the words I’m reading. I love the visual of an open book. I love the pile books make stacked one on top of another. The ones in your photo look awesome. You can’t do that with a Kindle, Nook or an iPad.

    I’m so envious that you’ve found a place like Turning the Page. I’m hoping there is something similar in Austin. The closest I’ve seen is Half Price Books. It’s decent and I spend a lot of time going to the different outlets, but it’s still a chain store.

    Check out this link: It’s what I want one day: my own library. How nerdy is that? Heh!

    Happy reading senoritas 🙂

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