Angelo’s (mouth-watering and amazing) Pizza

There is an amazing pizza place in Hampden called Angelo’s. Sitting outside at one of their little deck tables during the summer with a glass of wine (or a cold beer) in one hand, a cheese-smothered slice of gorgeous pizza in the other, is a magical experience. It’s a little place, inexpensive, and you bring your own alcohol. The staff is feisty, the bathroom small and dungeon-like, tucked back into the basement, and you can always count on an assortment of Hampdenites and their dogs to strut past your table like a parade. GO.

Just in case you’re not convinced …

Mozzarella sticks. Yes.

Pepperoni and black olive pizza (Dani and I allow ourselves pepperoni on special occasions. Besides, pepperonis aren’t meat. They’re ground hooves, and everyone knows hooves are vegetarian).

In case that luscious pizza from heaven didn’t convince you, treat yourself to a close-up look:

That’s right. Take your Papa John’s and throw it in the garbage. Where it belongs.*

Happy pizza eating!

the senoritas

*But keep the garlic sauce (aka yellow garlic flavored oil). So delicious.

Angelo’s Pizza
3600 Keswick Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211


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