don’t be creepy on public transportation.

If you’re interested in someone, it’s good to pursue them. However, if they show no reciprocated interest, do not continue trying to pursue them, especially if you’ve just met them. It will make them nervous and want to run away.

Conversation with aggressive man on metro (my thoughts in brackets):

  • Aggressive Man (AM): What are you reading? I’ve been watching you, and you’re really absorbed.
  • Me: Oh, um … The Hunger Games. It’s really interesting [watching me?].
  • AM: What’s it about?
  • Me: It’s about the world, post-apocalypse. The country is now divided into districts, ruled by the capital, and every year they hold the ‘hunger games’ where a boy and girl from each district is sent into an arena to fight to the death.
  • AM: You looked really into it.
  • Me: I am – it’s pretty intense [again – watching me?].
  • AM: It sounds fascinating.
  • Me: It’s good [stop standing so close to me. you are a stranger].
  • AM: Yeah, I bet. I mean, you looked like you were really enjoying it.
  • Me: Yes? [I’m not sure how many times I can tell him I enjoy the book].
  • AM: -Stares awkwardly-
  • Me: -Shifting from foot to foot and developing a twitch-
  • Me: [casting about for something to say to break the extreme awkwardness while slowly backpedaling until it’s safe to run away] They’re actually making a movie about it, which is coming out sometime this spring.
  • AM:  Are you taking me to see it with you?
  • Me: Umm … [desperately trying to think of a non-awkward way to say absolutely not]
  • AM: I’d like to go see that with you.
  • Me: Well, I’m actually going with my boyfriend [there is no boyfriend].
  • AM: That’s okay – he can come with us.
  • Me: What?
  • AM: Here, give me your phone number.
  • Me: Umm .. [no intention of giving phone number]
  • Me: How about I take your phone number instead? [will never call but need a way to escape]
  • AM: Well, okay. 000-000-0000.
  • Me: Great, thanks …
  • AM: Call me! I want to hear more about that book!

Things to learn from this conversation:

  1. If you’re going to feign interest in something to try and hit on someone, do it well. It’s obvious if you don’t really care.
  2. It’s not advisable to tell someone you’ve been “watching them.” 
  3. If someone says they have a significant other (real OR pretend), leave them alone.
  4. If someone has plans with said significant other, do not invite yourself along.
  5. If someone doesn’t want to give you their number and takes yours instead, there is a 99% chance they will not call.
  6. Pay attention to body language – if someone is slowly shifting away from you, or becomes noticeably twitchy, they do not want you to keep talking to them.
  7. Don’t be creepy.

5 thoughts on “don’t be creepy on public transportation.

  1. oh maaaaan, haha! reading this encounter kind of made me want to mess with the guy (If I were in your situation), like saying something horrific about the Hunger Games-like it was a book about beating up baby dogs (or something even worse) just to try to throw the guy off track.
    but then again, evaluating whether said guy is a super creepy possible serial killer and trying to run away is probably the better option.

  2. There’s no such thing as strangers on the Metro, or personal space, at least during rush hour.

    That said, that guy was a super creeper. I wonder how often that false interest pans out for him? And he doesn’t know what The Hunger Games is!?! Psh… loser.

  3. Psh! That guy is out of luck because I bought our tickets today and he wasn’t on the invite list! Toooo bad for him.

  4. Total creeper, right?! We’ve run into so many weirdos on the metro and train – they must have a congregation point somewhere in DC! Luckily for me, I triumphed and will be seeing the hunger games (I loved the books – did I mention that?) without said creeper.

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