beaver misses dani.

When Dani goes away on work trips, beaver is inconsolable. He doesn’t want to play, doesn’t want to sit quietly and watch carpentry shows, doesn’t want to play in the basement with our extra lumber, doesn’t want to do anything.

The last time Dani went away, I went upstairs and found beaver on top of Dani’s wardrobe with a table leg. God knows where he found it, since we don’t own a table. All afternoon, I tried to tempt him down with sticks, but every time I would come close he gave me dirty looks over his shoulder and contemptuously flicked his tail. It took five sticks, a piece of our wicker sofa, and a wooden doorknob to bring him down … and next time, I’m worried the price will be much higher. Dani leaves town again in April. Pray for us.


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