and thus began beaver’s reign of terror.

Dani and I have a beaver that lives with us in our rowhouse in Baltimore. Here he is:

He is quite suspicious by nature, as you can see by his expression. When we found beaver, he was lurking near some bushes at a vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dani had an interview with a company nearby, and so the two of us had turned the job interview into a mini roadtrip.

Beaver was rustling noisily in said bushes, looking for sticks and twigs. We managed to capture two photos of him before he spotted us.

Instead of running away, as beavers are wont to do, he cautiously approached us. Using sticks, we managed to coax him into Dani’s little car, and he settled happily into the miniature backseat, gnawing ferociously on a small tree limb we’d placed in the back just for that purpose. Something to remember – beavers are suspicious creatures, but if you are quiet, speak kindly, and offer sticks, they will follow you wherever you go.* And that, my friend, is how we befriended our beaver and brought him home with us to live in Baltimore.

the senoritas

* disclaimer: while beaver pretends to be docile, he is still a wild animal. To this day, he runs amok in the house, chewing on any bit of wood he can find. He is especially pleased with himself if he manages to gnaw through something important, like a chair or table leg for example. Keep in mind – having a pet beaver is dangerous to your furniture.

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