away to mexico!

Just after Christmas, I was offered a job as a technical writer at a consulting firm in DC. I happily accepted the new position and sadly tendered my resignation at my current one.

To celebrate, Dani and I are going to Mexico. Today.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, finding time in the last two weeks to purchase plane tickets, book hostels, and buy tickets for amazing bicycle tours around Chichen Itza, while watching the bejesus out of our new favorite show, Merlin, working full-time, eating (a lot. it’s what we do), and writing for the blog, but we managed, and now – it’s time!

We are going to try and post while we’re gone, being it something we ate or did or just a random photo of a stray chicken. We’re not sure what the wi-fi situation will be like, but we’ll do our best.

Stay tuned – and adiós por ahora!

the senoritas


One thought on “away to mexico!

  1. It is amazing to think that many centuries ago civilizations were walking our planet before us. It looks to me that there were bigger civilizations than we thought. If that’s the case then they must were more advanced than we actually know about them. More discoveries will let us know them better.

    I want to share with you this music about the mystical place Chichen-Itza. The message of that music is about a CHANGE all humans must do in order to live in peace and harmony. Maybe that’s the message ancient civilizations wanted us to know.

    Arriving at Chichen-Itza 2012

    In Lak’Ech. Peace from Mexico.

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