10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

Dear readers: if you cannot spot the 17 errors in the the text below, you really need to visit this great post on The Oatmeal. It’s both an entertaining read and spelling lesson.

You’re wierd donkey kicks me alot. His braying keeps waking up the neighbors and there angry. Their complaining to me about it, and while they’re complaining is legitimate, I already have enough to worry about. His actions are definately effecting my overall morale and spiritual well-being. He attacks in all whether and seems to take particular pleasure in attacking while its raining. Also, it seems he thinks just because my pants are lose its okay to bite at the hem while their dragging on the ground. I picked a fight with him the other day because I thought there was no way I could loose, but I did and now I’m embarrassed. I know the donkey thinks its protecting it’s territory, but you need to make it stop. I can’t keep buying new pants. The whole situation is having a really bad affect on me, weather you realize it or not.


One thought on “10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

  1. I got seventeen! I am immensely pleased with myself. Unless of course this is some sort of clever ruse and there are indeed sixteen or eighteen errors or some nonsense like that. In which case you are cruel.

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