Finally! A tasty Thai place in Baltimore!

My Mom found a review in the Baltimore Sun a few week ago, and on one Saturday the three of us (my Mom, Katie and I) set off on the hunt. For those of you who live in Baltimore, there are very few Thai restaurants. A couple decent ones, but no really good ones. Alas, there was no Stang of Siam (the name of the restaurant) where the address in the review indicated. We wandered off starving and tired of the pursuit.

Katie and I were driving north up Calvert street one morning, and THERE IT WAS! The address was listed on Charles Street, but was actually on Calvert! So my Mom and I decided to try it out one day for lunch (Katie was far too busy for our company on this day. *sniff)

The building is beautiful. Huge ceilings with big windows on one wall, two other tiered levels, and a bar at the back. The place was packed, but the one table open was on the upper level; a little two person table tucked in an outcrop surrounded with windows.

My Mom, flailing around like a bird in her excitement.

Lunch was only $10, served with soup of the day, a spring roll, and entree of your choice. My Mom and I chose Drunken Noodles and Pad Thai to split. For those of you not fellow Thai food hunters like ourselves, Pad Thai is sent from God himself; a pile of rice noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, cilantro, peanuts, a lime wedge, and assortment of other secret things that make it taste delicious. I have no idea what’s in Drunken noodles except the noodles are wide and tasty and spicy.

In case you don't know what soup and a spring roll look like, I've presented every possible angle.

At this point, my Mom pointed our her bowl was prettier than mine.

The soup of the day had basil, tofu, and these delicate little rice noodles in the bottom. It wasn’t my favorite Thai soup ever, but not because it wasn’t delicious. The spring roll was perfectly crisp filled with tiny rice noodles and other tasty vegetables.

Pad Thai with chicken. Feel the power of its rice noodly goodness.

Again, every angle possible. Even the garnish was beautiful.

I made my Mom wait as I took photos of the food. You can see her waiting in the background patiently (or was it impatiently?).

My Mom, the tricky beast she is, snatched the check before I could, and wouldn’t give the beautiful money box back so I could take a photo. (Don’t worry, I got her back by buying her specialty coffee at Spro during our post lunch Christmas shopping trip in Hampden. And it was delicious.)

Lunch was delicious, inexpensive, with an amazing atmosphere. The staff were friendly, professional, and attentive (I never wanted for water, and I chug it back like a camel). My Mom’s only complaint was the beautiful spiraled carrot garnish was too long for her to get a proper mouth full, and she had to cut it in half. She really wanted that carrot, and it provided me entertainment as I watched her pursue it throughout the meal.

I saw people drinking delicious looking teas on the way out. When I come back, I’ll be getting myself one of those.

Stang of Siam
1301 N. Calvert St.
(443) 453-9142


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