the mighty mighty POM

pomegranates are tricky beasts. they are delicious, crunchy, juicy morsels wrapped in the devil’s packaging. if you have ever tried to eat a pomegranate, you know.

there are frustration-free ways to eat one, if ever you want to google ‘how to eat a pomegranate’* or look it up on youtube. i know nothing of these clever tricks, mostly because i’m too lazy to watch a youtube video on how to eat a pomegranate and would rather just tear into it, scattering seeds and accidentally spraying myself in the eye with red juice. the other morning it took me 45 minutes to peel my pomegranate before i could even sit down with a good book and enjoy it.

so why eat one, you ask? why eat such a frustrating fruit? read on …

1. health benefits. studies have shown eating pomegranates helps fight breast, prostate, and lung cancer, as well as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, protecting your arteries, and potentially preventing osteoarthritis.

2. they’re interesting. pomegranates pop up everywhere, from the bible and qur’an to the ancient egyptians to thomas jefferson. in greek mythology, persephone is condemned to spend every winter in the underworld after hades tricks her into eating pomegranate seeds. poor thing.

3. they’re delicious. there is no better reason to eat something than it tastes good.

4. if you don’t want to actually eat one, you can drink one! POM Wonderful comes in really fun bottles, and while on the pricier side, are packed with antioxidants.

5. they’re fairly low in calories for those of you watching your figures.

6. you can eat the seeds! pomegranate seeds are full of fiber, and add texture to your eating experience.

7. they’re gorgeous. if you’re going to eat something, why not eat something pretty? brussels sprouts aren’t pretty, and no one ever eats THOSE. except us, actually. dani really likes them and i don’t mind them either.

go! eat!

the senoritas

* don’t ever google ‘pomegranate benefits’ unless you want many, many articles on how pomegranates are like viagra. DO NOT click on the second link that pops up, as the line underneath reads “this site may harm your computer.” i wonder what’s on THAT site. perverts.


One thought on “the mighty mighty POM

  1. Oh, dear. Please try opening it under water next time, in a bowl in the sink. That way you won’t spray yourself in the eye, and the white chunks float, while the seeds sink to the bottom. There, no YouTube Required.

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