Giving is Receiving! Make a donation to this great project in India

My friend Dee in India, who is a fantastic and energetic person, started a program called Santa Workshop with her company, DeePositive Intertainment, in India. It’s a really positive thing in the spirit of the holidays, and it doesn’t take much to make a huge impact. They are collecting gifts and donations, and on Christmas Eve will be handing out gifts in New Delhi and other cities in India to:

Street Children, Orphans, Shelters for the Homeless, Children of Construction Workers, Slum Areas on Santa’s Route, Old Age Homes, Centers for the Terminally Ill, Metro Station Staff working the Christmas Shift, Bus Drivers and conductors on Santa’s City Route, People sweeping the streets, Police Personnel, etc.

We’re collecting money to send a Western Union on December 17th, and any amount you can give will help! For more information, visit their facebook page below, or view their ‘doctrine’ pdf below. Happy Holidays!

DANI (dos senoritas)

Please make some donations

Santa Workshop.pdf


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