bon voyage!

our brother charlie is, at this very moment, winging his way to costa rica for an indefinitely long backpacking trip. he doesn’t have an itinerary, just plans to hostel/couch surf his way through costa rica and then go wherever his adventures lead him. we’ve asked him to send his pictures and videos to us so we can share them with you during his travels, so stay tuned over the next several weeks/months and join us as we share in charlie’s grand adventure.

bon voyage, small fry! we’ll miss you, and look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your trip. be safe and happy and well.

caught: whisky and chocolate at a hotel bar in south africa. a classy, classy gentleman.


One thought on “bon voyage!

  1. Best of luck to him! If anyone is up for aimless adventuring, it’s him 😉 Also, that photo is hilarious. He bears a small resemblance to Frodo, I think, long after the Ring has taken its toll on him.

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