color me orange! purple! pink!

greetings! we’re colorbugs!

hair stylist extraordinaire kevin murphy created us. he wanted his models to have extra ooomph (i.e, colored hair), but he didn’t want to permanently dye their hair – he wanted something easy and temporary. he thought long and hard and … voila! here we are!

you can purchase us online, at various salons or, if you’re in the baltimore area, at flaunt on the avenue in hampden.

place us flat side down on a strand of your hair, press your fingers to the other side of the hair strand, and pull through. we will leave a streak of vibrant hair color behind! we’ll wash out after your next shampoo, so fret not: you can use one, two, three different colors for a wild night out and no one at work the next day will know.

christmas is fast approaching and we make excellent stocking stuffers, so don’t miss out: run to flaunt and buy one or two or three of me, and we’ll make your holiday hair extra festive!

happy hair!

dos senoritas


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