dos senoritas become dos wedding photographers

i work with a great guy named jonathan. this past spring, jonathan (knowing of dani’s photography background) asked if she would be interested in being his wedding photographer for his destination wedding at rehoboth beach. as it would be a lot of work for one person, dani asked yours truly to be her assistant. thus we became wedding photographers!

we drove to rehoboth on a friday evening. we checked into our hotel, played around with the cameras, went foraging for dinner, and wound up near the boardwalk with a box of cupcakes.

gorgeous! and then …

dos senoritas are dos cupcake pigs

later, we skulked over to the dogfish head brewery where the pre-wedding festivities were taking place to take photos. we were able to meet most of the wedding party along with some of jonathan and nicole’s awesome friends, and got really great shots. the rest of the bar thought we were paparazzi hired by the bar for the evening, and tried to subtly ask us for photos of them, as well.

the morning of the wedding, we headed to the marina to take photos of the area where jonathan and nicole were staying. it was bright and sunny, the water gorgeous and blue, and we met some fishermen who introduced us to a lobster-seller, who allowed us to meet and photograph his lovely lobsters.

the wedding was outdoors, on the beach, and it was gorgeous. the light at the end of the ceremony was perfect, and the photos turned out beautiful (if we do say so ourselves). the reception was held next to a beautiful little museum, under a tent with a sandy floor. it was such a fun wedding; everyone was laughing and dancing and eating and smiling.

it was an honor being jonathan and nicole’s wedding photographers. the two of them – and their families – were amazing. incredibly welcoming, generous, friendly and kind-spirited. it was the perfect wedding for our photography duo debut! and the food was delicious 🙂


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