fun at the dump

dos senoritas took a heap of trash to the dump today.

the dump is an interesting place. yes, it’s full of trash – but it’s also full of birds (mostly seagulls with a few buzzards and vultures mixed in) and colorful characters (mostly scary half naked men with strange teeth).

to get to the dump, you have to drive over a road made of mashed trash, and it’s full of potholes and ruts and really gross puddles of … water. if you drive really fast, it’s like being on a roller coaster.

unfortunately, the route to our usual dumping spot wasn’t available today, so we had to use one that wasn’t quite so exciting. it was still fun (and quite fragrant, i might add …) so i’ve added a video clip below for your viewing pleasure.

(i apologize for the video quality. the videographer half of this team (dani) was driving).

a few more photos from our saturday morning:

if ever you need dump guides, these senoritas are it. happy weekend!



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