hedgehog greetings

dos senoritas has a hedgehog, a little albino african pygmy. his name is 고슴도치. it means ‘hedgehog’ in korean and is pronounced ‘kosim-doch’i’, but we call him dochee for short. he is beautiful:

this is dochee at his first birthday party. he likes hats - look at his smile!

this is how you turn our beautiful little dochee into a birthday card:

1. get some toothpicks

2. wite-out!

3. coat the toothpicks with wite-out and let dry

4. make a suitable background

5. construct a dochee out of paper and a peach colored crayon and glue to the front (be sure to give him a red eye to make it authentic). make a festive birthday sign to glue to the back of the card

7. attach your toothpicks (with super glue or a hot glue gun, whatever you can scrounge up). for fun, write in dochee language around the edge of the card.

(dochee has two languages, sniff-hiss and whiffle)

8. voila! your dochee card is complete and ready to be given to some lucky friend for his/her birthday!

(for the purposes of this card, the dochee does not need legs. he does, however, have them in real life)




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