thai YUM! *

* not the restaurant in federal hill

if ever you are in the columbia area and craving thai food, head to bangkok delight on centre park drive. the decor is festive and cozy,  the staff is quick and attentive without being overly so, and the food is fun and spicy and aromatic (at least the food i’ve tried so far, anyway). it’s neither super cheap nor terribly expensive, which equals out to about average (entrees around $11). if you’re in the mood for coffee afterwards, there’s an adorable little coffee shop just around the corner called anna’s coffee roastery that has delicious chai tea lattes and the most gorgeously worn in and comfortable leather chairs in one corner – the perfect place to sit and read all afternoon.

umbrellas everywhere!

giant fans. mirrors. fun wallpaper. more umbrellas.

the thai iced tea is not only gorgeous, but has this crazily delicious aftertaste i can't describe

spring rolls = tasty

such pretty pad thai!

green curry with tofu

go! try! eat!



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