kayaking + wine = happy senoritas

dani and i recently purchased a living social adventure deal: a kayaking trip down the gunpowder river followed by a private wine tour and tasting at boordy vineyards for $69. living social adventures is fairly new, and it sounded awesome.

(for complete honesty here – i only agreed to go after dani promised she would beat off any sharks that attacked my kayak with her paddle. if you don’t believe sharks live in rivers, please watch river monsters on animal planet).

living social was really impressive. they not only had staff waiting to guide you into the proper parking lot, but multiple staff members to sign you in and go with on your trip, heaps of water for the kayaking portion, and free gifts waiting at the end of the wine tour.

there were bunches of people milling about, and we were put into groups that would head out at different times. because we’d gone to the wrong ultimate watersports office first, we were placed in the second group and had to watch sadly while the first group pushed off.

okay, we weren’t that sad. it was really hot, and we got to sit in the shade and drink water for a bit longer – hooray!

we were given a thorough kayak safety lesson – and forced to wear life jackets – before we were able to pick our kayaks. dani and i decided to take a double because it meant we could secretly race the others and win with our massive paddling arm muscles. our group of people were really friendly, and everyone was laughing and joking as our kayaks rammed each other and got caught on sand banks. after we remarked how our back water trail reminded us of pocahontas, our living social guide (whose name dani and i cannot remember because both of us have hideous memories (lindsey?), but she was really awesome, friendly and fun) began singing colors of the wind, which probably scared off all wildlife in a 20 mile radius, but it was great fun.

a paddle rat at the back of the kayak:

and myself.

we thought it would be more fun if we gave ourselves sea-worthy titles while we were out on the water, so for the remainder of the kayaking trip dani was the captain, while i was the boatswain. we were not allowed to refer to each other by anything else.

too soon, the kayaking part of our day was over and we had to beach our sea vessel (and say farewell to our festive boat names). on to the wine tour!

the grapes!

our tour guide was really knowledgeable, and she took us all over the vineyard – showing the grapes, explaining how they’re grown, what sort of wine each grape is turned into, etc.

barrels of wine! heaps of wine!

my eyes may look drunken, but it was just that being around that much wine made my eyes cloudy with excitement.

finally, FINALLY, we were taken into the tasting room, where they provided crackers and two kinds of delicious cheese. we were poured eight different wines and made friends with the three people at our table, bonding over our love of food and trading restaurant recommendations.

the moral of this blog post: buy a living social adventure & do something you might not normally, at a great price. make friends with the staff. make friends with the other living social fanatics. have fun. and drink lots of wine.



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