a fabulous south african wedding

my best friend is MARRIED!

 the lovely donna and myself

a little background:

donna and i met in south korea in the summer of 2006. we met in the city of daechon, at the annual boreyong mud festival.

picture it: hundreds and hundreds of foreigners and koreans running around this small city, completely covered in the spa quality mud the city has shipped to its beaches for this festival. mud slides. mud wrestling. mud jail. mud moon bounces (aka jumping castles). mud, mud, mud.

we’ve been best friends ever since 🙂

fast forward five or so years to about six months ago. dani and i managed to catch donna and her boyfriend, craig, on skype while they were at her parent’s home in bloemfontein, south africa. it was the first time i’d ever ‘met’ craig, although i’d heard lots about him from donnie. after our video skype chat, dani and i both agreed he seemed like an awesome guy.

the next day, i found out craig had asked donna to marry him on their drive back home to durban.

that very day, donna’s sister lauren and i began discussing bridemaids dresses. donnie said they were thinking about getting married in may, so i also began plotting exactly how to take the maximum amount of time off from work to be there for all festivities. donna, being the generous, wonderful soul she is, also invited my entire family to the wedding, including my brother’s long time girlfriend, amanda. she’d met my family when they came to visit me in south korea in 2007 and they’d fallen in love with her, and vice versa.

the next few months were filled with buying tickets, arranging for rental cars, finding hotels – and, of course, getting my bridesmaid dress made. finally, it was may.

donnie and craig met me at the airport with yellow roses. the first few seconds were overwhelming – we hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year and a half (our longest time apart since we’d met), and we were overjoyed to see each other again. after the initial excitement, however, we settled back into our friendship like an old, comfortable robe, and it felt like no time had passed at all since the last time we’d seen each other. there’s something amazing in that.

we skulked about for a couple days, then drove down to stay at the south coast for the weekend, which is where the wedding was taking place. the ceremony was to be held on oslo beach and the reception at izotsha creek. one word: stunning.

you had to walk through a little jungle to get to the beach …

and there it is!



izotsha creek:

the view from the back of the reception area:


a bottlebrush flower!

it was the perfect place to get married.

donna and craig actually signed the papers the night before their actual wedding day, and we had a little get together at craig’s parent’s south coast home to watch them sign and become officially married!

the wedding day: hair! makeup! flowers!

 this was actually the weekend before, but as it was wedding prep i feel it counts.



donnie and i made these paper cones the week before the wedding, and they were filled with flower petals. each person at the wedding received one to toss on the bride and groom.

our awesome friend andrea couldn’t make it to south africa for the wedding, so i brought her with me and we dragged her everywhere:


there are heaps of photos from this wedding, so i’ll only share a few – but it was spectacular. perfect weather, perfect location, perfect couple. it was amazing!



father-daughter dance


the happy dance


giving my toast! i was honored and horrified at the same time.


overall: the most wonderful, festive, welcoming, beautiful wedding dos senoritas has ever attended.

this post is dedicated to donna and craig matthew, the most stunning couple we know!


One thought on “a fabulous south african wedding

  1. BRADFORD BEATS (senoritas as you like to call yourselves)

    Thank you for the wonderful post, I have spent my morning catching up on your ‘articles’ and came across this masterpiece 🙂
    All thanks must go to my best friend katie for making my wedding such a happy day – it would not have been the same without you!!!
    And then of course to the talented Dani – loved your pictures and it was so amazing being able to share the day with you and your entire family (my family actually) 🙂

    I love you both and will make sure that I read more regularly so that I dont have to play catch up.

    You are amazing!!!!!!

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