feathers are no longer exclusively for birds, my friends!

dos senoritas would like to introduce the newest thing we’ve fallen in love with: feather extensions.

my friend katy told me about them a month or so ago. at first, i had no idea what she was talking about. feathers? in your hair? bird feathers? real feathers or the sort you buy at michaels?

we investigated further, and found this awesome site: http://www.finefeatherheads.com/

new life goal: become a featherhead.

because dani was leaving for indonesia for work, we wanted to find a place that could give her feathers before she left. i did a little internet searching and found … FLAUNT. flaunt is an awesome little salon in hampden that offers affordable cuts, color, and of course, feathers!

dani got an appointment with missy, who turned out to be the coolest woman we’ve ever gone to for hair. she’s fun, knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly – and she loves feathers. just loves them. she helped us pick them out, offering suggestions and color tips, laughing and joking – and she let me take loads of photos for our blog. she’s amazing. and so are her feathers.


 sampling the feathers!



installing them! what missy does is put a very small amount of your hair through a small silicone bead. she then inserts the ends of the feathers into it, as well. then she clamps the bead tightly shut, which will keep the feathers in place. amazing!


 the lovely dani with her gorgeous feathers!
the following week, katy and i went for our feathers. we’d been dying to go, and were super excited … especially because we’d decided to celebrate our feathers with margaritas afterwards.
 again, the mysterious book of feathers …


 choosing colors.




and then it was my turn …


 missy was awesome about helping me choose colors that would go with my hair, but would also stand out and be noticeable.
 a tiger feather! in the back!




dani, katy and i LOVE our feathers. they’re an easy, relatively inexpensive (thin feathers: $10 and thick feathers: $15) way to add a new look to your hair without damaging it through coloring, and they look awesome. you can wash them, blow dry them, and curl them, and they last up to four months. amazing!

if you, like us, want to be a featherhead, go to flaunt, ask for missy, and tell her we sent you.

happy feathering!
ps. finefeatherheads.com, if you are reading this, i am DYING to appear in one of the mini movies you have on your site.

what do you think?

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