Indo the Weekend (Part II)

After being up for 60 hours straight, I feel great! Energized and hungry! I stayed up all night on Facebook and Skype, answering emails and writing a blog post for you dear readers.

I got breakfast at 5 AM, then wandered around the hotel checking out the beautiful gym and pool (perhaps I will visit it this afternoon). I met some colleagues for breakfast (Abbie, who is Filipino, and the most wonderfully take charge person I have ever met, and Maru, a Latina, who is fun and excitable). The breakfast spread filled the whole room, with an omelette bar, pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit and pastries. Even though I had already eaten…

(The book is Mudbound- awesome novel by Hilary Jordan. It has won the Bellwether Prize for fiction, for those of you who are influenced by that sort of thing.)

…I forced myself to eat some of the Muesli and fresh fruit. After breakfast, we had a brief meeting looking over the rooms to be used for the workshop I was there for: the video editing room was huge! My professional response was “Yes, this will work great. Thanks Abbie for setting this up!” but really I was wondering exactly how many somersaults it would take to reach one end of the room from the other. “Yes! There is plenty of room for the equipment!”. Immature? Yes! Away!

Abbie and Maru invited me to go shopping, so we met in the lobby and grabbed a taxi to Grand Indonesia, a giant mall- no, several giant skyscrapers with malls contained inside, all connected through different entrances and walkways. Normally, the word mall will make me cringe and tremble in fear, but, when you have the weekend off and time to spare, going to a mall in Indonesia isn’t at all a bad way to spend the day.

Abbie had heard of a store that offered local Indonesian stuff, so we found it on one of the various levels, and I bought several things I will not name here. No snooping Katie.

After wandering around the mall for several hours, we happened upon a busy salon offering an hour and a half massage for $20 USD. Yes- let me think about that.

(My masseuse 🙂

(I believe in signs. After we left the salon, a girl going down the escalator had this bag. I’m on the right track.)

By now, the combination of massage + no sleep for days had caught up with me, and after walking in the door to my room, I promptly fell to the bed and passed out.

After waking up at 9 PM Saturday night, I couldn’t fall back asleep so I ended up staying up all night again, reading Eat Pray Love. Which is most appropriate seeing as I’ll be in Bali at the end of the week. 🙂 Yes, yes, it’s a cliche I know.

The most amazing thing about today, was brunch. And that’s all I have to say.

(Yes that does say deep fried crab cake)



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