Indo the Country (Part I)

A few weeks ago, I found out my company was having a board meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, and they needed me to go and manage the video side of things. Awesome! So for the past couple weeks I’ve been arranging a video company in Jakarta, for the conference portion of the Board Meeting, and I’ve been arranging a driver for myself to travel around the area and get shots of video for other upcoming video projects, clips for our B-Roll library, and a bunch of other good stuff. So that’s to come.

I have decided all my posts from Indonesia will have some cheesy title somehow relating to Indo something. Please forgive me. The flight was long and I plan on using that excuse for awhile. Away!

(Just outside Toronto, the sunrise was beautiful)

(Really cool guy I was talking to at the airport- oh wait that’s just an advertisement)

(For those of you who do not know me, I have a fear of plane food. So usually once I get to the airport and past security, I buy a huge bag of food to last me the whole trip. Above is one such item. An airport cheese plate. Yes there is such a thing.)

Korean Air is spectacular. The food was awesome (I had Bibimbap twice!) and when I was about to miss my second flight, they alerted someone “on the ground” to escort me there to make sure I didn’t miss it, after bringing me up to “Prestige Class” for the last 20 minutes of the flight. I pretended I was there the whole time and looked down at the other passengers exiting in a stampede, while I floated out of my giant armchair and flatscreen through a different exit. Then I ran to catch my flight.

Finally, after three (one 1-1/2 hour, one 13 hour, and one 6-1/2 hour) flights, I arrived at the Jakarta airport where I was assisted by several nice Indonesian men in setting up my cell phone with a local sim. When the driver from the hotel finally found me, I was chatting with my new-found friends at a little cell phone hut in the airport baggage claim while my cell phone charged on one of their chargers.

(What is supposed to be the Jakarta skyline but really looks like some prehistoric illuminated beast)

More to come! Every day is an adventure-



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