how to make …

it was our intern’s last day today, so my task was clear: make a going away card.
i don’t know giovanna very well, so i wasn’t exactly sure what sort of animal to choose for her card. i think the animal should represent the person in some way – it makes it more fun. for example, i gave my rather hand-sy friend an octopus.

it took me a long time to decide on an animal (time i probably should have spent doing work), but i finally did it. i don’t know if it suits giovanna or not, but she liked it, so i guess that is all that is important.

it was a very enjoyable way to spend the morning at my desk. 

start with a piece of blank white paper, folded in half. 


add sky.
by this i mean cut out a square of blue paper and glue it on.


cut some savannah.


it’s probably a nice day, so have some sunshine.



what sort of creature would be roaming the savannah in the middle of the day? 



 a lion, of course!
he looks a bit lonely, so … a tree?






two questions, which probably show my appalling ignorance about lions and their habitats, but … are there trees like this where lions live? with leaves like this? after this post, i’m off to google lions.
a close up look at his ferocity:



happy friday!



what do you think?

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