how to make …

a pacman cake!

my boss turned 35 a couple weeks ago, and it was decided to go all out. his office was filled with balloons (so many that the five people blowing them up nearly all passed out), fancy spongebob plates were collected, barbeque from andy nelson’s ordered, and shiny confetti, including pieces that spelled out his name, was strewn over a spiderman tablecloth under a pink streamer festooned ceiling. it looked absolutely ridiculously fun.

i was challenged by a woman i work with to make the cake. i of course accepted. the cake’s theme was ‘pacman’ (to go with the spongebob and spiderman … oh, and the giant winnie the pooh banner hung in front of my boss’s window), and i was given some icing, a box of cake mix, and let loose.

you will need:

a box of yellow (or chocolate) duncan hines cake mix
white icing
yellow icing
black icing
orange icing
green icing
blue icing
red icing
icing tube cap things. or a pastry squeezing bag thing.
some time

1. bake the cake.

2. make homemade icing. (i cannot share the recipe here. the chef who invented it is possessive of her recipes, and when i asked if i could share … she beat me on the hand with a spatula)

3. spread the icing on the cake.

4. print out a guide to work from.

5. carefully draw your gridwork.

pastry bags are tough business. notice the white-knuckled grip i have on that bad boy.

6. add the obstacles.

7. carefully add in the dots … and ghosts … and pacman(s).

8. glorious!

go bake!



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