veggie fajitas

happy vegetarian tuesday!

tonight, dani and i were both half dead from work. it’s only tuesday, but it’s been a long week. we decided to take the night off and have someone else prepare the food: that way, we could relax, have wine, eat, and head to our yoga class.

rather than introduce our chefs for the evening, please read on. you’ll meet them in a few minutes.

for veggie fajitas, you will need:

tortilla shells
fresh cilantro
corn (canned)
cheddar cheese
quorn brand ‘chik’n cutlets’
salsa, optional (fresh or store bought)
lime juice
salt and pepper

* also, because it is not technically vegetarian monday, dani decided to make shrimp and have shrimp fajitas because they’re delicious. and also because the dochee loves shrimp.

the dochee takes on decidedly shark-like characteristics when the scent of shrimp is in the air.

1. coat your ‘chik’n’ cutlets with olive oil and throw them into the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. flip halfway through.

2. chop your veggies!

tomatoes first …
our guest chefs were understandably horrified at having to perform this act of tomaticide. they were equally upset over poor cilantro’s fate.

peeling and dicing the avocado was enough to make them swoon.

oddly enough, they didn’t mind chopping the lettuce.

3. arrange your veggies nicely on a plate, with your avocado in a small bowl nearby.

4. shred your ‘chik’n’ with a fork, then toss with a sprinkling of lime juice.

6. wine break!

(god only knows how they not only scaled the wine bottle, but opened it and poured glasses)

7. grate your cheese!

8. cook your tortillas in a small skillet – just enough to heat them, without burning.

9. throw your ‘chik’n’ or shrimp, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, corn, and avocado onto your tortilla. fold, eat, and enjoy!

happy veggie eating!

oh, and we never made it to our yoga class. sorry, sarah! <– best yoga instructor

katie & dani!


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