panera, how i love you.

panera! 2.7.11

vegetarian monday will be postponed by one day – it will be tomorrow (tuesday, 2.8) instead!

for dinner tonight, i stopped by panera on the way home. i love panera. it serves my favorite foods in the world: sandwiches, soups, and salads, and the bread is delicious. i always order the same two things:

a sierra turkey sandwich, sans turkey, and … 

french onion soup. i usually don’t order a bread bowl, but i felt like a pig tonight.

i know french onion soup is made with beef stock, which means it’s not strictly vegetarian. i guess eating it makes me not strictly vegetarian, then, because i’m really not willing to give it up. i try to limit how much i eat it, and trick myself by saying it’s made with bouillon, which could be made from beef flavored chemicals.

until tomorrow … katie!


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